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FC-Roundup 2013 Starts Today!

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The Roundup Starts Today!

That’s Ann and I enjoying our first ride in a tour jeep and our first FC Roundup event

Jesse has announced the dates for the 2013 FC Roundup.

He writes, “The last ten years have been great for Andrea and I, we have been Most Fortunate to be able to meet and become very close friends with many of you, that have attended. Over the years we have seen many unfinished almost disposable, yard art become beautiful daily drivers, some FCs have become better than original.

Jeep Motor company displayed a concept FC this year, We have FC-Owner dream trucks that are displayed at the Roundups that actually become real daily drivers. We started out not knowing who would attend, or if it was just me. We have grown to be able to have on display some of the best FCs to show off. When we started out there was no such thing as going out for an FC Cruise. Last year, thanks to Craig B. and Jason M., we had 2 FC Tour Jeeps driving around town full of Roundup people, all day and into the night, imagine daily going to breakfast or dinner, riding in a Tour Jeep with a lot of other FCs out for FC-Only vehicles cruising on the highway.

I was told by some of you after the last event that it was the best event ever. The reason is that this is your event by being here as a participant, I also feel it may have had something to do with those people having brought an FC to the event. Imagine having a Yard Art FC in the garage backyard or even the front yard for 15 years, and after one visit to the Roundup, we see some of you here again now with a truck.

Lately I have seen a lot of posts about diesel Power, 4 speeds, Power Steering and I have seen a lot of new names, the Roundup and the NW FC Get Together in Tacoma, WA in August, allow some of you to go to one place and see a lot of trucks and see a lot of new ideas, you can learn more in a few days about FCs.

If you own a Jeep Cab Over Forward Control or FleetVan, then invite you all to be here. The date of the Roundup is usually the last weekend of March, this year it was moved earlier, to observe Easter week. I hope to see you soon, remember this event is restricted and is for Jeep FCs and FleetVans only.

It is only 5 months away, and it may seem early, but I feel that some people like me, need to have the date on a calendar far enough in advance to know to be here.

Jesse Ybarra

You can see photos and my reports from the 2012 event:


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