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Hole N” The Rock South of Moab

We were cruising southward on Hwy 191 when we ran across “Hole N” The Rock“. It’s a very unexpected site!  Though we were curious enough to take photos from the highway, we were too busy hurrying south towards our fateful encounter with Canyon De Chelly. While we took some good photos, we missed getting a photo of the “license plate” jeep sculpture, which sits in the parking lot of the convenience store. I always wondered where that sculpture was. Next time, we will stop and check it out more closely. In the meantime, you can learn more about this tourist trap from these travelers.

This is the view from the north side:

hole-n-rock-north-side1 hole-n-rock-north-side2

From the south side:

hole-n-rock-south-side1 hole-n-rock-south-side2

And here is a nice shot of the License Plate Jeep sculpture:



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