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The King and the Whirly Bird Book on eBay

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The King and the Whirly Bird was written by Mabel Watts in 1969. It’s supposed to include a reference/picture to the “royal jeep”. Whether there really is a jeep, it’s a cute sounding book.

“This hardcover book was writtten by Mabel Watts, illustrated by Harold Berson. Published by Parents’ Magazine Press, copyright 1969.

Once there was a king who had a wonderful kind of flying machine called a whirlybird. He had a pilot named Joe who could fly the machine, but the king would not use the machine at all. “Birds fly. I’m not a bird!” said the king. He had to travel a lot so he used the coach or rode the stallion. He even tried the rickety old royal train, and the old steamship, and finally the royal jeep. None of those methods of travel worked very well. Finally, Joe the pilot convinced the king to try the whirlybird. “This is the way to travel! The whirlybird is the best!” said the king.

Excellent condition.”

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