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McCormick Train Park in Scottsdale, AZ

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I find trains interesting, but never pursued them with any passion. However, even I could appreciate our visit a couple days ago to the McCormick Train Park in Scottsdale, AZ. The park has large trains, train rides, and model trains. I even managed to find a couple tiny jeeps within the train model theme landscapes. If you are ever near this park, stop in and take a look. Cool place for kids of all sizes.  The one thing they were missing were hy-rail jeeps. Below are some pics:


This cool sculpture is located at the entrance of the model train exhibit. I could see doing something similar with jeeps.


Inside of the model train exhibit.


A pair of wagons, but not hy-rails.


Another jeep.


A popular train ride around the park. The train costs money, but exploring the park is free.


Just us in front of a train used for kids’ birthday parties.


3 Comments on “McCormick Train Park in Scottsdale, AZ


    Thats why I like this site Dave, always odd and interesting posts to be seen. The unusual is always great, well I like it.
    My son is away for few days but I will show him this one when he gets back, loves train and Jeeps, airplanes as well.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Dave and Ann- thanks for coming to the FC Roundup and spending time visiting with us desert rats! You got some great weather to enjoy while you were here and got to see some neat Jeeps and a great train museum! I enjoyed my visit with you!

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