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Tombstone, AZ, and a Jeep Winch

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After our stop at the Titan Missile Museum on Monday (see below) our plan was to head east to Tularosa, NM. However, after Ann spotted a sign for Tombstone we figured we had to check out that famous city. The drive off Interstate 10 took about a half hour, so it isn’t too bad of a side jaunt. The city itself is very much a tourist destination with shopping, eating, western history and gun fights galore. The aspect of the town that surprised us the most was it’s position on top of a knoll. From many angles the view from the main street of the surrounding country side was beautiful; it contrasts quite a bit from the hollywood version of a town plunked onto a flat plain.

One item of note. One of the shops sells red dirt (and other) shirts. It’s the same company that started the dirt shirt theme on Kauai. You get 50% off with a military ID. Here are a few pics.




While touring Tombstone, we happened upon this CJ-5 with a hand winch made by Powerwinch.

power-winch-cj5-1 power-winch-cj5-3


3 Comments on “Tombstone, AZ, and a Jeep Winch

  1. DJ Bill

    Actually that handle you see is used for spooling up the line by hand or spooling out if the cable sticks,. It is a 12 volt winch. (Or at least it left the factory that way) It is a pretty low capacity winch but still useful.

  2. Colin Peabody

    There are a couple of really good places to eat in Tombstone. I spent a lot of time in that part of Cochise County as a teenager and young adult, lived about 30 miles away in the Huachuca Mountains near Sierra Vista, graduated at Buena High School in Sierra Vista over 50 years ago. Nice country!

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