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A Crime at the 356th Fighter Group in Ohio

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Bob sent me a crime report. This jeep is sitting outside at the Akron/Canton, Ohio, Airport with no protection, a lost sole without a loving home. There’s another sitting there too. Both have been left to nature (as best as Bob can tell).  Note the rear tires is flat and the front tire is close behind.



3 Comments on “A Crime at the 356th Fighter Group in Ohio

  1. Joe in Mesa

    That IS a crime! Are they for sale? …is anyone caring for them? The paint and canvas look good for otherwise neglected jeeps. Would be good to know “the rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey says.

  2. Bob

    It seems like they paint them now and again as this one seemed fresher than the one out front. I have not idea if even has an engine. it does have a tranny though. It occurs to me that they used to have more of these. They also have some kind of a large panel truck ambulance.

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