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1941 GP Southeast Minneapolis, MN $9000

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Josh spotted the ad for this Ford GP.

“mortor- 4×4- tranny work- needs some brake and stering work”

1941-gp-southeast-mn0 1941-gp-southeast-mn1

1941-gp-southeast-mn2 1941-gp-southeast-mn3 1941-gp-southeast-mn4


8 Comments on “1941 GP Southeast Minneapolis, MN $9000

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    If that’s a slat grill jeep they should have taken a picture from the front!

  2. Zack

    It looks like a slat grill??? $9,000! :O
    If it was not a 1941 GP, I would be hard to restore that one. 🙁

  3. Zack

    If It is a 1941 GP, it will be hard to restore.
    Posted early during thought process, oops. 🙂

  4. Josh

    It is a 41 GP likely a first series. I would be surprised if it didn’t have the correct grill. It would be pretty hard to fit anything else except something entirely custom. The grill is rather short compared to say a gpw/mb grill. Restoration is a challenge but there are quite a few individuals re-creating parts currently. Also; though maybe not 100% correct many parts are derived or interchangeable with other ford vehicles of the era.

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