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Barbie, Horse, Jeep and Trailer Toys **SOLD**


UPDATE: This was priced at $10.

For the Barbie lover in all of us.



3 Comments on “Barbie, Horse, Jeep and Trailer Toys **SOLD**

  1. Heather Fleming

    I have been looking for this for SO long!! I have a 6 year old daughter who LOVES horses and barbies! (Of course!!) And when I was young I was the same! I had this barbie horse and trailer set when I was my daughters age and I absolutley LOVED IT! I have been telling my daughter about it for about a year now and I havent been able to find it anywhere! Well now that its almost Christmas I have been online looking for a nice horse stable set that can fit both her Breyer horses and her barbie horses. ( please anyone who knows of any sets that can do so please let me know!) Anyway I stumbled upon this picture and gasped!!! I was Super bummed to see that it has already been sold!! If anyone has any information as to where I can buy this set for my daughter I would greatly appreciate it!!! I willl leave my contact email below! Thank you!!!
    Heather Fleming

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Heather,

    It appears this was listed on a Kansas Craigslist back in 2013, so, sadly, it’s been sold for a long time.

    Having grown up with a horse nut for a sister, who’s daughter was also a horse nut (and recently was the number one college reining champ), I can appreciate passionate horse lovers. Though I grew up around horses, I was more into jeeps (probably not a surprise given the herein website, lol).

    I spent some time searching Etsy and ebay and found the following:

    This barbie/jeep/trailer combo was relisted multiple times before it sold just a few weeks ago:

    The closest item that I could find that is still available is this:

    And, there are multiple options of the western travel barbie setup:

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Good luck with your search,

    – Dave

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