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Jeeps along the Way


I might have mentioned we were going to camp with my two younger kids, Kasia and Colter, but my daughter was too afraid to drive the four hours to meet us to camp. Regretfully, I told her not to worry and we’d meet them after we camped for a couple days. That led to our three day trip through the middle of Utah on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (to be told on Thursday).

Yesterday, It was my daughter’s birthday, so we spent some time shopping for clothes in Salt Lake City with her. After finding some cute outfits we said our goodbyes and drove to Boise. We have lunch plans for Wednesday and then we’ll head for Pasco Wednesday afternoon.

In lieu of pictures of our Utah trip . . . during our drive through Arizona and New Mexico, we saw a number of jeeps in fields, but couldn’t always stop or get pictures of them. Here are a few we did capture.

In only a short while in Holbrook, AZ,  we saw this poor CJ-5 hiding sadly behind a mixer. It’s a project!

cj5-near-safeway-holbrook2 cj5-near-safeway-holbrookI wished we could have gotten better pics of this truck’s bed it was unusual.


holbrook-truck-odd-bed2Two blocks from the center of downtown Prescott, AZ, we spotted these two jeeps. We only had a second to capture them. We had some great ice cream and walked Whiskey Row.


In Chino Valley, AZ, we spotted this Wagon from Historic Seligmann Sundries. As I looked at these pictures, I realized I didn’t recognize the town Seligmann. After a little research I discovered we hadn’t traveled far enough west on Interstate 40 to visit the town. We’ll have to stop there next time.

What’s funniest to me about this wagon is that earlier in the day at Cruiser’s Route 66 Cafe I asked a woman in her fifties who worked the automotive gift shop why there were no jeep toys/signs/etc in the shop, while every other auto subject seemed covered. She proceeded to tell me that jeeps weren’t popular until the 1970s and that jeeps never drove route 66.

I responded with a daggered stare, “Really? Jeeps weren’t popular until the 1970s?”

“Yes. And, besides, we only stock things related to route 66.”

“Hmmm . . . ,” I responded, noting the CARS movie items on the shelf. I was about to mention how the folks at Pixar seemed to think that a jeep WAS important in their telling of a dying Route 66ish town, but thought any effort on my part would be fruitless. Ann said she was proud of my restraint, because I looked like I would break open and pummel the woman with a history lesson. Anyway, finding the wagon just made my day!

wagon-chinovalley-ca2 wagon-chinovalley-ca3 wagon-chinovalley-ca4


3 Comments on “Jeeps along the Way

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Hate to say this Dave, but if someone in my formerly rural /curently old suburban area said something like jeeps weren’t popular around here until the 70’s I couldn’t cite any proof to the contrary. Right now I’m only aware of 3 other old jeeps locally besides mine – two CJ5’s and one CJ2A (which was brought here from Maryland in the 80’s). I asked a number of people and no one remembers anything about any old jeeps except one guy at the historical society in the little borough I live near remembers 2 war surplus jeeps that are long gone. I can’t seem to find any local jeep history, but maybe when I get mine on the road someone will come forward with some local jeep stories.

  2. ericbkauffman

    For what its worth…. The red trucks bed appears to be upside down, if you blowup the pic, you can make out “jeep” on the tailgate.

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