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Sam and The New Motor Pool in Chino Valley, AZ

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This past Friday (March 29th) Ann and I drove to Chino Valley, AZ, to meet with Sam Thomas and his wife Alecia. A former Air Force Pilot and long time gear head, Sam spent many years playing with fast cars and running a speed shop. Several years ago he moved to Arvada, CO, and ran Flatfender Willys, where he focused on repairing flat fenders jeeps and some military vehicles.

A few weeks ago he moved to Chino Valley to open up a new business called Motor Pool, where Sam, his brother and his nephew will buy, sell and repair vintage jeeps and military vehicles. If you are ever traveling through Chino Valley, you won’t miss seeing the Motor Pool’s vehicles. Sam also has begun to offer what he calls new MBs/GPWs. He will build a brand new ‘old’ military jeep for $25,000.

While Sam sold most of his jeeps as part of his move, he still has a former Air Force CJ-2A that was once stationed in Antarctica. The previous owner drove it while stationed there and then pulled some strings to bring it home. One of the interesting aspects of this jeep is that the rack on top was built by the motor pool either before or during its service in Antarctica.





The Motor Pool as seen from Highway 89


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