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LeMons Thunderhill Organizer’s Choice DJ-5

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Features, Racing

DJ-5 owners . . . take heart! Who says a mail jeep isn’t fast? This modified — ok highly modified — DJ-5 won the 2012 Organizer’s Choice Trophy at the 2012 24 Hours of LeMons Thunderhill in California.

road-racing-dj5-24-hours-lemons-thunderhill road-racing-dj5


2 Comments on “LeMons Thunderhill Organizer’s Choice DJ-5

  1. Mike Finegan

    Oh wow, This is so cool man; talk about “snail mail”, not in this postal Jeep!

  2. Paul

    The only drug the postal service doesn’t test it’s employees for is speed… this might change if Jeeps like this one are used.

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