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Merapi Jeep Tour Community in Indonesia

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Leslie forwarded this story from the New York Times.  In 2010 Mount Merapi in central Java, Indonesia, erupted killing 300 people. Following the eruption, visitors arrived to check out the damage. An enterprising man named Christian Ignasius bought a CJ-2A to provide tours of the area. That little operation has grown into enough jeeps and guides to serve one thousand tourists a month.

Here’s the article at the New York Times

I also found some great pics. These two are form the this website.




This image is from an online new article:merapi-jeep-tour-community1I found this picture of the volcano and a jeep on Flickr:



3 Comments on “Merapi Jeep Tour Community in Indonesia

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    We know exactly how many were made, but has anybody ever estimated how many jeeps the US left overseas to be used after WW2? I realize it would be a wild guess, but it would be fun to hear some estimates. Has anybody even guessed how many WW2 jeeps exist worldwide today? When I see these pictures, Dave, I would think the numbers would be significant.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Steve: I haven’t seen any numbers that estimate this. I would guess a person could come up with a rough estimate by guessing the following numbers: Number of jeeps ‘killed’ during service, number destroyed after the war, number sold/abandoned oversea, number sold in the US, and number lend/leased/sold to other countries. Not that I have any numbers to assign to those estimates, but that’s how I’d start.

    James: I hadn’t noticed that. Now that I look at the pic closer there seems to be a mix of left hand and right hand jeeps.

    – Dave

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