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Larry’s CJ-2A

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Larry forwarded me an ad for the Sawyer Motor Car Show in Saugherties, NY. He included a few pictures of his CJ-2A, so I asked him to send me some more pics.

He writes, “These pictures were taken on the 4th of July. The gentlemen in the passenger seat is Joe Sinnotti a WW2 Navy Seabee. I was asked to put some Stars and markings on my jeep.  Funny how a lot of people don’t know the difference between a real WW2 jeep and civilian one. My family and I enjoy driving around town. I have heard ‘hey look at that old army jeep’ plenty of times and have had plenty of pictures taken. I cant stop at a red light or park without pictures being taken. I love it when dads take their kid’s pictures by it. I tell them to put the kids into it — boy what a smile they get!  Hope years from now they can look back with fond memories.”

Thanks for sharing Larry!



Larry’s son just got his driver’s permit. I suspect their will be some competition for the driver’s seat 🙂larry-swart-cj2a4


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