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Sand Pounders at Padre Island

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I ran across an article about “Sand Pounders”, a name given to the soldiers that patrolled the beaches off of the Gulf of Mexico. The article included these two jeep pictures.




2 Comments on “Sand Pounders at Padre Island


    What a lovely story to read, once again its the small things make it so interesting.

    Also reminds me when I worked away from home and was based in the Kalahari and I bought a small Jack Russell who did much the same as “red lay” and was looked after and loved by all, but not getting under the wheels. She had a bad habit of walking in the taxing airplanes.
    6 years down the road I still have her/

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    When you look at snapshots taken of servicemen overseas during World War 2 you frequenly see a dog that they obviously adopted.

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