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Here’s a very different kind of Jeep

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And now for something completely different. I’m a little surprised they’d use the acronym jeep . . .




2 Comments on “Here’s a very different kind of Jeep

  1. Craig Berndt

    I let them know it’s a registered trademark of Chrysler and they said it’s JEEP or J.E.E.P. and that they weren’t going to change it. I forwarded the email to Chrysler as they went through the same lawsuit in Turkey a while back and won. I hate to see the word used for anything but the Great American Icon we all love!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I must have missed the periods in the giant JEEP they have on their logo. I suspect they are using 1 pixel periods 🙂 Their use of san serif block letters would make people confuse it with JEEP’s logo, which is one big indicator of a trademark violation.

    While it is a registered Trademark, whether they registered it to cover employee programs on an international level could be the only hitch. Out of curiosity, was the Turkey lawsuit was related to automobiles?

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