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Vintage Postcards Salt Water Canyon Inn, Arizona

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Route 60 runs between Apache Junction and Globe Arizona. After taking the time to ponder the exact location of Canyon inn on highway 60 if it still existed today, I came up empty. Anyone know where they Canyon Inn might be or have been?

The green FC-170 appears in two Canyon Inn postcards, leading me to conclude it was a regular fixture there for a while. Note the colorful wagon in the first postcard.

Canyon Inn on Route 60, Salt River Canyon, Arizona.
This pic would have been taken n late ’50s, with Mercury wagon being newest of the lot. Neat Jeep FC, a couple of old Chevys and another Jeep, a station wagon.

Size is standard: 5.5×3.5 inches.
Card was not mailed
Condition is excellent: C-9 with a couple of tiny edge dings only.”

canyon-inn-saltwatercanyon-az-postcard2 canyon-inn-saltwatercanyon-az-postcard12) “Vintage Divided postcard of CANYON INN, SCENIC SALT RIVER CANYON ON US HIGHWAY 60, AZ. Published by NORMS PUBLISHING HOUSE, TEMPE, AZ. The postcard was never postally used. There is no correspondence on the back of postcard.”

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canyon-inn-saltwatercanyon-az-postcard4 canyon-inn-saltwatercanyon-az-postcard3


5 Comments on “Vintage Postcards Salt Water Canyon Inn, Arizona

  1. Joe in Mesa

    The Salt River Canyon is beyond Globe, on the way to Show Low on Rt. 60 and that section of road has the switch backs like the one where they built this inn. I’m still viewing You Tube videos, Google satellite view, and other leads to try to find the exact spot. I wonder what’s left of the place, or what it is now.

  2. Colin Peabody

    This was on the north side of the Salt River, near the bottom of Salt River Canyon. You will notice the highway curves back around behind the Inn, going east. If you followed the road east about 1/2 to 3/4 mile, the highway drops and crosses the Salt River and going south winds back up the canyon towards Globe. If you were to continue north on the highway going past the Inn, you would go up the Canyon towards Show Low. Off the curve behind the Inn was another dirt road going west down to the river to give access to boaters and fishermen.

    Been there a few times, but when they rebuilt the highway a couple of decades ago, the Canyon Inn was demolished. It sat vacant for a long time prior to being torn down.

    (Arizona Highway Patrol, Retired)


    I worked there in 1969. When I came back through in 1971, we were told it had burned down. It was at the base of two very long, winding sections of Highway 60 which were quite challenging. Everyone stopped at the Inn. Everyone. Some people refused to drive back out and had to be escorted by the Highway Patrol. The property was leased from the White Mountain Apache, but they didn’t come often, since the previous owner had frequently cheated them. I was privileged to be there the day the children came back from the Indian Schools. I can still hardly relate that scene without crying – the joy was so palpable.

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