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Jim’s Column Shift CJ-2A

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UPDATE: Ted sent me more pics

Ted sent me a picture of his friend Jim’s jeeps. If anyone knows of a Mahl front loader, Jim would like to buy one.

Here’s the short list on all its options:
Koenig twin stick PTO
Ramsey front winch
K+K side mount sicle bar
Three point hitch with Newgen Buzz Saw
extremely rare Canfield fold out wrecker assembly
Westinghouse PT1 compressor under the hood
Dual wheel adapters front and rear
Ge welder which came from a parts jeep that had paperwork showing the factory option welder cost more than the actual cost of jeep itself back in 1946.

Every thing works as it should with the exception of the welder ,which actually has been tested out and works great but is not hooked up because with all the work done to this jeep in the restoration Jim could not bring himself to cut out the tool box section to install welder.

Canfield wrecker has been converted to armstrong type ,to make room on mid PTO pulley for KandK bar.

About all we figure the Willys needs now to complete the swiss army effect is a Mahl front end loader if anyone has one for sale.


IMG_1483 IMG_1485 IMG_1486 IMG_1484


22 Comments on “Jim’s Column Shift CJ-2A

  1. Bill Shaw

    Just talked with a fellow from Lititz PA – said he had a mower like that one, asked if I had ever seen one on a Willys jeep. I hadn’t – now I have. I didn’t get his first name. Jim wouldn’t happen to be from Lititz?

    Ag jeeps need a classification of their own in the Jeeps Showcase pull down

  2. glennstin

    Yes, Let’s see more details. We can’t imagine searching, restoring and mounting all this. For the MAHL Willys Jeep Loader, which many have seen in The Willys Special Equipment Book, go to The CJ2A Page and put “MAHL” in the search box. As far as is known at this time, the only surviving example is being restored by the original manufacturer, Standard Iron and Wire Works in MN. I have not had an update just recently. Be patient. It will surface at a Willys Show one day.

  3. Niels Pedersen

    I would hate to try to parallel park that thing…lol. Definately a car show winner!

  4. Ted Jordan

    I will try my best to reply to the comments or questions as I see them . I think I sent a few more to Dave and hopefully he can get them posted ,if not I will try to send more,or possibly have Jim who is the owner of this jeep take a bunch of detailed areas and set up a photo bucket or site to view them at.The Willys is located in Tolland CT. The front duals are kind of an experiment to see how it would look and possibly add some stability while hauling all the equipment. I have seen them installed on farm jeeps before depending on there function and what the jeep was doing in the field. It kinda makes for harsh handling on the road!!! Jim and I were fortunate enough to find a few sets of dual wheel adapters over the years and I may have an extra set available over the next month or so .Check back on ewillys for a listing. My name is Ted and I’m a close Jeep buddy of the owner Jim, and am only answering the replies because of the two of us I’m only slightly better at the computer end of all this. As i had posted the same day as these pics came up I am currently liquidating a big collectionn of interesting Jeep items some of which include aMeyers industries aluminum full hard top with doors (excellent condition),Two 2A second version rear seats (great to excellent condition), a very nice complete PTO setup for universal Jeeps (shifting unit all the way to drum pulley) ,Twin stick PTO’s, mostly complete monroe 3 point hitch setup, 2A frame with id tag great shape, complete 2A tags , wagon seats ,gpw mb drivers seat frame ,2A seat frames ,oilbath setups ,and on and on. Feel free to call for details on any and all of it.
    1860-429-4080 cell 1-860-428-3265

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    As soon as I receive more pictures from Ted, I’ll share them. We had an email glitch of some kind.

    – Dave

  6. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, the “glitch” could simply be a data limit. I have had to break up emails to you since multiple pics exceeded your limit (which appeared to be around 10 Mb). I have also used my other/work email which lets me compress the pics. Cool farm jeep, BTW!

  7. DJ Bill

    I think the sickle bar and possibly any rear mounted stuff too is going to eliminate the possibility of mounting the Mahl loader….but there are Hinicker Sno Dozer plows that might be a good match for that jeep.

    If you have seen the Willys accessory videos one small videographer was selling a while ago you really can see the extent of aftermarket stuff they tried to put on the jeep. Most of it was pretty heavy for the lightweight (for the time) jeep. Had a mid 70’s utility tractor appeard magically in ’45 it would have blown away the offerings of the time. It is interesting to see the development over the years of that sort of machinery…from jeep add ons to dedicated equipment like small escavators and zero turn mowers..

  8. Colin Peabody

    I knew this would spark a response from Glennstin on the Mahl Loader! What a beautiful Jeep! WOW!!!

  9. colin peabody

    Well, even though this is over two years old, I got notified there was a new comment on the page. I will add that the dual wheel adaptors appear to be those made by Nick Hickey in southern California in the 1950s and which may have been made by his successor in aluminum accessories for the Jeep, Brian Chuchua, also in southern California. Both of these men have passed away. You can find ads for the Hickey/Chuchua heads dual wheel adaptors and tow bars on eBay every off eBAy once in a while. There is currently a Hickey head on eBay now. I bought a Hickey head last year and have it installed on my DJ3A Surrey.

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