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1942 Slat Grille MB Dallas, TX **SOLD**



“This a Willys Slat Grille MB is in need of a full restoration but is a great start and retains much of its originality.  The OD paint is still under the other layers of paint.

The DOD is 2 Feb. 1942 and the USA number is 204748?, the body number is 20033 and it has the square deep well with the script Willys on the rear panel.

It has had government upgrades such as the rear panel reinforcement and trailer socket added.  The engine needs to be rebuilt but is an MB replacement engine with a blank pad.  It has a casting date of 12.30 and is probably a 1944 block.

Both front seats are the original early split pattern and the driver’s seat pan has been modified for the later wide mouth style fuel tank and filler neck.

It also comes with the original early style rear seat.”



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