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Josh’s Trip to California Gone Bad

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Last week was Camp Delta at Tower Park, the largest annual MV Swamp meet in the West. Josh planned to drive from his home in Boise to California to attend the event and return with a rolling military chassis he bought from Dexter.

Being the detailed oriented guy he is, he made sure to have his truck serviced by the dealer prior to the trip. To make a long frustrating story short, the dealership broke something. He only found that out when the truck engine acted poorly both times he tried to leave Boise. Now the truck is in the shop and he is looking at a possible major overhaul. So, he never made it to California.

To help him out, I thought I’d ask if anyone has plans to drive from Lodi area of California to somewhere near Boise or even near me in the Tri Cities. He’d said he’d be happy to help out with gas if someone happened to be coming his direction and could bring out the chassis.

You can email him at or add a comment and I can send his phone number.




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