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Vintage Jeep Photos (w/farm photos) on eBay

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Marc spotted these two neat photos.

“I think these pictures were maybe part of a salesman’s book or catalog. There’s not really a consistent theme. I see one Farmall tractor, some implements, a Jeep. (I believe it is marked Willys but it’s hard to tell.)

They are black and white. All have three holes punched on one side. A few have several sets of holes. Some have a sort’ve cloth backing. Others have a tab edge along the side of the picture.

I’m counting 23 pictures, but there are two more that are dupiclates. (Two of the one with a piece that looks like an arrow, and two of the farmer in the white shirt and hat.)

Size: Most are 8 x 10,” but 4 are 6 x 10.””

farmjeep-photo-loader2 farmjeep-photo-loader1


4 Comments on “Vintage Jeep Photos (w/farm photos) on eBay

  1. Brett

    Took me a second to see that in the 1st pic the trailer is set up as a 5th wheel. I saw a air gap at the hitch end at 1st and was trying to figure what was going on.
    Kinda neat set up.

  2. Leo

    That 5th wheel is so close to the front seats, it must be mounted on the machinegunmount of the MB/GPW chassis, smart thinking !

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