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Postal Jeep Parts Website

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Need DJ-5 or postal jeep parts? You might try this resource I just stumbled across.

postal-jeep-parts-website postal-jeep-parts-website-jeep


9 Comments on “Postal Jeep Parts Website

  1. Mark in Indiana

    I’m glad to see interest in the mail jeeps. I believe that they’re an American icon.

  2. MichaelDJ

    I have a 1982 DJ-5, and it is NOT RUSTED! Wonder how many of these ae on the road?
    Looking for door Bearings above the doors if anyone knows where I could find them.
    I may just get a Mail Route now!

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Michael, Did you try the link above? It’s still good. He has a boneyard of those Jeeps and can probably help you.

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