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Trip Map – From Pasco, WA, to Hudson, OH

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I’d planned to put this up at the beginning of our trip, but a lack of time has conspired against me. So, here it is. If the weather holds, we plan to camp for two nights in the UP are of Michigan before arriving at Brian’s outside of Detroit for a couple nights. Then, we have a couple nights with Ann’s relatives before we hit the Willys Midwest Reunion.



12 Comments on “Trip Map – From Pasco, WA, to Hudson, OH

  1. R Dunnebacke

    Too bad your not swinging thru Traverse City. Would be nice to meet you.

  2. Frenchy

    Wish I had been paying more attention to your trip, would have been nice to meet you while you passed through my neck of the woods (St. Paul), safe travels!

  3. Frenchy

    You should try Mama Mia’s pizza in Mackinaw City (top of the mitten) when you pass through. They have a small museum about the building of the Mackinac Bridge upstairs so it makes for an interesting stop

  4. Deilers

    Thanks frenchy. We’ll keep that on mind!

    Ann and I had talked about swinging through traverse city. I’ll email you.

  5. adam

    I see you are going to be passing through Eau Claire. You should stop by Max-bilt we have 2 Pickups, 3a, 3b, 2 5’s, and 3 7’s there right now. Wouldnt be much out of the way 1 mile south of 94 on hwy 93.

  6. Deilers

    Adam: we’ll head right there. Probably be there about 4pm or a little after that.

  7. thom

    this looks like the route taken by Robert Persig’s character in ‘Zen and the Art of MotorCycle Maintenance’. This is a good book for old jeep-folk.

  8. peter guattery

    i am envious of your travels, wish i could join in the fun! are you going to be anywhere near orange county ny? would like to meet you, and, i have a few things i promised you hanging around here.

  9. Brian

    If you do go to Traverse City take M119 and visit the Legs Inn (very interesting place) and continue on M31 through Haror Springs, Petoskey, Charlevoix, Alden, Torch Lake to get there. A great route.

  10. Rob

    When you are heading down 23 south in Michigan, you might want to jump on 94 east and come in to Toledo on 75 south instead of 23 south.

    It won’t add any real time to your trip, but it will take you past both the new Jeep factory and the site of the original Jeep plant. They are clearly visible from the expressway. You could easily hop off the eway, get a few pics, and hop right back on.

  11. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks Rob. We’ll keep that in mind. I know we need to head to western Ohio from Fenton, MI, on Monday, but not sure exactly how our trip will unfold, as we are waiting on a particular email.

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