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German’s with a Slat Grille

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Tim found the a link to a Russia site that has this photo and others.



5 Comments on “German’s with a Slat Grille

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    It appears this photo documents the very first time someone tries to figure out the maximun number of cases of beer that will fit in their jeep before they make a beer run.

  2. Buz

    Probably cases of French Wine. I just finished a book about the French Wine business during the German occupation in WWII. They would come in and clean out a winery of all their stock, or so they thought, seems the French had “special” wine that was just for that occasional German raid. I think you can imagine what went in some of it…..

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    We heard an interesting story about the Americans cleaning out the Champagne. We heard yesterday about one guy who used a jeep and trailer to load a plane with Champagne for a general during WWII. However, the guy transporting the champagne had his jeep break down. The motor pool he approached demanded Champagne as well, so he had to make additional trips to get more Champagne to pay for the repairs. Roger Neff knows the full story behind that story.

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