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Pictures from the Jeep Factory in Toledo, OH

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As you can see, we managed to reach at least one iconic place yesterday (iconic for jeep nuts anyway). The most unexpected thing about the Chrysler assembly plant in Toledo, OH, was that it was impossible to park. So, we had to do a park-in-the-middle-of-the-road-leap-from-the-jeep-take-pictures-quickly-and jump-back-into-the-jeep move before any other cars came up the road.


Not that it matters a whole lot, but I’m pretty sure that’s a Ford GP in the picture below, rather than a Willys-Overland vehicle.



4 Comments on “Pictures from the Jeep Factory in Toledo, OH

  1. Tom

    I was looking for the picture of the Willys Overland smokestack. I thought you would have it posted Dave.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I was so tired last night that I barely got this post up. I do have some of the smokestack for tomorrow 🙂

  3. Roger Martin

    Hi Dave I see your were in Greenville if you come to the Dayton Air Force Museum Iam about 25 miles southeast just south of Xenia OH off of Rt 42 just north of Waynesville Oh ware all the antique shops are . I have a1947 cj2a that was restored in1966 to1967 and keep in a garage for 40 years it only had 1476 miles on it when l got it in September 2007. I also have 8 FC 170 trucks 4 are DRW’s and 1 FC 150. I would like to have you and Ann stop by. Thank You ROGER Martin call 937 862 4182 PS I also have a toy collection. give me a call any time

  4. Mitch

    I was there last september with JK Experience and we got to tour the plant and see the assembly line. You are right…If you are outside the gate, there is nowhere to park to get a pic with the sign..

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