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Friday in Hudson Ohio: Day 1 of the Midwest Willys Reunion

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Friday morning we woke in Hudson, OH, to a beautiful sunny day. I spent the morning honing the presentation I’ll be giving on Saturday. I will be sharing with the audience (assuming more than just Ann shows up) why I run eWillys, how I do it, the challenges, and what the future holds.

On Friday afternoon we made our way to the Clarion Hotel where the 2013 Midwest Willys Reunion is being held. After a quick practice run through the presentation with the slide projector, Ann and I went out to look at all the jeeps.

It seemed every few steps we took someone approached us to share how much they enjoyed eWillys. It’s great to know the site is enjoyed by so many. I had fun putting names to faces and shaking hands.

As you can see from the pictures, there were plenty of jeeps to browse today. More are expected tomorrow.

2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion8 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion7 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion6

2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion5 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion4

2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion11 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion10 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion9 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion3 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion2 2013-05-17-midwest-willys-reunion1 2013-05-17_DSC2012 2013-05-17-flats-lineup 2013-05-17-view-from-above-9-1


5 Comments on “Friday in Hudson Ohio: Day 1 of the Midwest Willys Reunion

  1. Buz

    Oh you have to take more photos of the tan 3A? in the sixth photo with the half cab and the box on the rear, really need to see more of that one ! Sure wish I had the time to visit that show.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Buz: I’ll get you some pics of that 3A.

    Mark: Glad you made it. It was even bigger today (saturday). Thanks for the link,

    – Dave

  3. Colin Peabody

    Dave and Ann-

    Did you get to meet the twins, Carol and Nancy with their pink Surrey? I think the owner of the tan Jeep is a regular contributor on Derek’s CJ3B Forums, especially in the DJ3A area. I saw him and his Jeep a couple of years ago at the Jeep meet in Jefferson City, MO. Craig was there as well. I have a couple of photos of that Jeep also.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Colin. Only one of the twins came. Ann talked with her, but I never got a chance to have a full conversation with her. Right now I’m blanking on which twin that was. I’ll have to dig that up.

    Their jeep is beautiful!

    – Dave

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