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Just One Update Tonight

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I’m taking the night off. Tuesday morning I’ll resume regular updates.

We left Hudson, Ohio, and wound our way through Pennsylvania to Gettysburg. Along the way the toll roads lightened our wallets to the point we were considering taking out a bank loan. In addition, we encountered clouds that were as thick as fog as we traversed a few tall hills. Isn’t it summer yet?

Through Priceline we got a killer deal of $51/night at a Marriott hotel, so we plan to stay two nights in Gettysburg. Tomorrow we will see the Gettysburg battlefield and then tour the town a bit.

Gerald forwarded a few photos he took from the Willys Reunion. The first one is from Derek’s presentation. It shows Liz Taylor on a CJ-2A.


This one was also from Derek’s presentation and shows a Pope mobile.2013-willys-reunion4

These three photos were from the Sunday run into the Cuyahoga National Park.2013-willys-reunion3 2013-willys-reunion2 2013-willys-reunion1


5 Comments on “Just One Update Tonight

  1. Bob

    YUP, PA will rob you blind on their turnpike! Its the most expensive I’ve seen in the states. Maybe an alternate route back might be in order.

    By the way, if anyone has photos they’d like to share, esp video of the corn grinding and one from up on the hill, let me know.

  2. DanB

    Yes, if you are headed back roughly the same route then using I-70 would save a lot in tolls as it has none from Baltimore to Indianapolis provided you make one jump-off. Get off of I-70 in Hancock, MD and take I-68 to Morgantown, WV and then I-79 to Washington, PA and get back on I-70 there; that jump off will keep you off the toll section of I-70 where it is a part of the PA Turnpike -really not any longer and gives new scenery. This more or less follows the old National Road/Pike.
    Will keep you off the PA Turnpike, Ohio Turnpike and IN Tollroad and leave a little money in the wallet for more fun things.

  3. JOhn

    As soon as our tow vehicle lunched its tranny last week, I new the weather in Hudson would turn out perfect. All those threats of rain evaporated with our transmission’s guts. We had to cancel the whole trip and spent the weekend in a state of mild depression. Sigh.
    Looks like you guys had a great time. Sorry I missed meeting you Dave, as well as the other “famous” Willys guys. Maybe next year.

  4. mom

    Thanks to all at the reunion and everyone along the way that have been so kind to “my boy” and new favorite in our lives, Ann. The Jeep community is awesome.

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