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May 21 Gettysburg to Hershey PA: Jeep Rides

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I’d plan to et more posts done tonight, but time got away from me. So, here’s a big post to sum up our Tuesday. We will spend Wednesday in Hershey, PA. We have plans for Thursday in Lancaster and Friday morning in Kempton, PA. From there we will be driving to Long Island on Friday and meeting up with my son (unless they ship him out to Oklahoma). We’ll be staying in the Sea Cliff area through Tuesday morning and then driving up to Connecticut. I hope to have a map update in the next couple of days.


Merlin and Ann driving in a 1941 MB down a forgotten Maryland road.

This morning I finished version one of the Amber Panels of Konigsberg book (YEAH!). I still need to build one graphic and dump the text into the formatted book template, but then I’ll be sending it to the publisher for printing. I plan to do a limited run of fifty books as a “Bantam Festival Special”. LIke the last book, I’m sure there are a few errors that people will find. Once I fix the text, I’ll open the book up for general sales (sometime in mid-July?).

After we left Gettysburg today, we drove a few miles east to Tom’s house to check out his Truck and Wagon. Tom’s 1948 truck is his daily driver. He’s added some disc brakes and a Ford 302, so it’s got some power and stopping speed. He also rebuilt the entire rear bed and it looks great!

2013-05-21-tom-truck4 2013-05-21-tom-truck3 2013-05-21-tom-truck2

The wagon is a cheap beast he bought that his son now plays with. It’s got lots of rust issues, but runs good. 2013-05-21-tom-wagon

Tom offered to buy us lunch at Scozzaros Old Mill Inn, so he and I took off in his truck, while Ann followed. We soon found ourselves traveling along the Lincoln Highway, which turn 100 years old this year.


At the restaurant, Ann and I enjoyed both our time with Tom and the food. I had a delicious steak sandwich and Ann had great tasting polish sausage sandwich. Though we both rolled away from the restaurant full from the portion sizes, we didn’t have to eat again until very late. Thanks for lunch and the present Tom!

* * *

From Tom’s house, we drove down to Westminster, MD, where we met up with Merlin of Hanson Mechanical. Merlin and I have been exchanging emails for several years now and it was great to finally shake his hand and see his operation.



We talked about some of the challenges of jeep restorations. One lesson he’s learned the hard way was not to give any flat bids, because he learned you never know what problems lurk behind the differential covers, under the transmission towers, or beneath the dash. People seem happy with his work, because he’s got as much business as he can handle (good for you Merlin!).

2013-05-21-merlin4 2013-05-21-merlin5

After we talked a while, we all climbed into Merlin’s 1941 Slat Grille MB for a nice long ride through the hills of Maryland. It was Ann’s first ride in a military jeep; naturally, she had a great time. The perfect weather added to wonderful experience. Thanks Merlin!






8 Comments on “May 21 Gettysburg to Hershey PA: Jeep Rides

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Sean.Cool! We are here tonight (catching up on eWillys) and meeting with Bill in the morning.

  2. Bill

    Dave- any of your fans are welcome to stop by while you’re here….. if you have the time, of course. I know what happens when people start talking about Jeeps and things…………………………………………………


  3. Sean B

    Enjoy your time! I’ve only recently begun following eWillys. I love the posts and feedback – it was a shock to see you strolling through my stomping grounds. Im currently looking for an old MB/GPW project and this site has absolutely been helpful in the search (though I haven’t jumped into anything just yet). Thanks for all the updates!

  4. Merlin Hanson

    I have a friend with a running GPW that needs a new tub . Price is $1500. COntact me and I can put you in touch if you are interested. It is in Petersburg VA.

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