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1962 FC-170 on Isuzu Chassis Tucson, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This was formerly a USPS FC.

“I’m moving to South Dakota, and have an 11 week old daughter so a two door, two wheel drive doomsday truck just isn’t that useful right now in my life; so I’m selling it.

This is titled as a 1962 Willys/Jeep FC-170. This is one of the few FC-170s made for the USPS; and yes I cut it up and put in on a 1990 Isuzu NPR/GMC Tiltmaster W4500 powered by the bombproof Isuzu 4bd1t direct inject 4 cylinder turbo diesel, and was able to keep the tilting cab ability. I’ve driven this truck to and from Tucson AZ (where the truck is) to Phoenix a few times. The Willys cab is a lot lighter than the Isuzu cab so the front springs are rated too heavy; this isn’t the smoothest of rides right now. My plan was to put a divorced transfer case (NP 205 from a 1970 1-ton Intl–will sell for $100) and build a Dana 70 front axle and put in lighter leaf springs. However, I move next month and don’t have time to finish this part of the build since my new daughter is taking up all of my time…

What you will get: A running diesel Willys, a collection of official Isuzu manuals (over $200 worth), two spare wheels and some miscellaneous parts. You will never have to do emissions again! You have a 13,600# chassis that you can do anything you want with. This thing turns and stops on a dime. You will get about 25 mpg. If you plumb the second tank (I just mounted it) you will get about 1800 miles! I was going to turn this into my daily driver/bug out vehicle–like a mini M-35 deuce and a half–that also could burn WVO/used motor oil (just think of all of the abandoned cars’ oil you could use to power your way along if the worst happened).

The cab seats two, has a hidden “fishing rod” compartment, full racing roll cage etc. The dashboard is incomplete, currently I’m just reusing the Isuzu wiring harness and instrument cluster. Most of all of it works, but it isn’t pretty. The stock Isuzu AC/heater will fit under the dash, but it is not installed (just stuffed in for the pictures). Also, there is no front bumper; ran out of time. If you want a 9k Warn, I’ll throw that in for $500.

Once I find the short for the tail lights, this rig will be ready to go anywhere. I can store it for one month with no issues, after that my Brother will have to store it outside… This truck is 8′ tall, and like all cab forward trucks not really “handicap accessible.”



8 Comments on “1962 FC-170 on Isuzu Chassis Tucson, AZ **SOLD**

  1. stephen

    I had a 2000 Isuzu NPR. Best truck for work I ever owned. Living in California made me sell it. I am retired now and didn’t need such a beast. What made me really sell it is that by 2014, these diesels will have to be repowered with new engines which will meet the smog rules. Also, in California, any trucks 10,000GVW and over have to register with the highway patrol and stop at scales. They would pull this Willys into one of their large sheds and go over it with fine toothed comb. Your vehicle looks good. You could get a lot more $ for it if you did the 4WD conversion. The only HD diesel cab-forward truck which has factory 4WD is the Mitsubishi Fuso. It is a beast also, but has a $45k price tag. Good luck and thanks for the post.

  2. Colin Peabody


    This is the FC that we saw at Jesse’s FC Roundup on Saturday. Took a lot of work to get everything to fit, but it is definitely unique!!!

  3. Jesse Ybarra

    This FC truck started out as a complete FC-170, the Cab and original frame, was that of the very nice white FC-170 Postal flatbed truck that I had last year, it belonged to Dave M. Who died at a young age of Cancer, This truck was sold new in AZ and it has no Cancer, it is actually a pretty nice cab.
    What is all to important is that it is currently registered as an FC historic vehicle, it is not registered as an IZUZU.
    Because it is currently registered as such it will be looked at by any law enforcement agency as an FC-170 DRW, that has been repowered with an IZUZU.
    About being 4×2, Adams intent was to buy a divorced NP-205 from me and any purchaser can easily find a late model Dana 60 or 70 disc Front end, then add 8 to 6lug adapters for the 6 lug wheels.
    I think it is a great looking start to a good work truck, with an early body.
    Jesse Ybarra

  4. gordon west

    I owned a Mitsubishi Fuso FG 439 from 1992 to 2009. Damned fine truck. I sold it at 125,000 miles for $12,500 because I needed a bigger truck. There was nothing wrong with it, it drove like new. What is wrong with me!!!

  5. David Eilers


    I haven’t seen this one in quite a while. I’m not sure where it is now.

    – Dave

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