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June 1: The Cooler Was Leaking?

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Last night I discovered there’s very little reception at the campground. So, this brief update will have to suffice until we have more time on Sunday morning during our drive to the Owl’s Head Museum.

Yesterday we had a great time with Glenn and the Breakfast Club (pictures and info later). Thanks to everyone who showed up!

This morning I put on my gray hoodie. In the pocket I discovered a present left by my wife. It was wrapped in tissue and was the shape of two AA batteries side-by-side. I thought, “Oh, what could it be?”  It was pretty light, so I figured it was fragile. I carefully unrolled it from the tissue, but still couldn’t determine what it was. So, I attempted to separate the battery-sized objects. That’s when it dawned on me. It was a pair of tampons. So, it wasn’t a gift for me after all . . .

Minutes later, my wife discovered the cooler had been leaking. The back seat area is damp, so we threw most of our stuff into our tent and will be spending much of the day with all the windows open. Thank goodness the weather is sunny! We’ll be buying a new cooler very soon.

We met Jake and his wife who are camping next door to us. They are from Maine. When I explained why Ann and I were in the middle of a two month trip he told me his Uncle had a couple of old Willys jeeps in Montana that they’d refurbished. Seems there are Willys everywhere I go!

Here’s a picture from the statues at Cole’s Transportation Museum in Bangor Maine. We didn’t have time to stop in there yesterday, but the statue is pretty neat!


More updates Sunday.

– Dave


4 Comments on “June 1: The Cooler Was Leaking?

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    David, your East coast swing continues to be interesting and entertaining! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Deilers

    Mitch, the reviews on that sound great! But, that is way outside our budget. Funny you should send that link because we are researching coolers right now 🙂

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