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DD Living History Farm in Roxbury, CT

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Marc spotted a photo on Flickr of a modified flat fender. After a little searching, I discovered that the jeep is part of a collection of farm tractors at the DD Living History Farm (Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have too many pictures) in Roxbury, CT. It claims to be one of the largest collections east of the Mississippi. Had we known, we might have tried to get there while in Connecticut. Oh well, we’ll save that for next time!

Here’s the Flickr picture


Here are a few more:



3 Comments on “DD Living History Farm in Roxbury, CT

  1. STEVE

    One of the most interesting guessing gams is looking at mods. What is the purpose of the 4×4 on the cowl?

    In fact, a website or book just on modifications would have a lot of potential.

  2. STEVE

    looking a little further I see it is a tool box. Some of Bubbas ideas are good, some not so good. Still think a book on mods would be a big seller.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Steve …. if only someone set about to create a website that collected and organized mods … hmmm 🙂

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