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June 4: Seabreeze Diner in Rochester, NY

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No, the sign isn’t referencing the Beatles; it’s explaining an earlier invasion by Brits playing musical muskets.

Last night I got a really good deal on a motel room in Pulaski, NY. Strangely, no one else showed up at the motel. We had the entire place to ourselves. To make it odder, the supposed two-star place was only of one-star quality. The whole place had an odd vibe. We got going pretty quickly this morning.

Our first stop today was the beach at Oswego, NY, near Fort Ontario. There we looked out onto the fourth Great Lake of our trip: Lake Ontario. The warm temperatures of the past few days turned to a cold one this morning. It was 67 degrees!  Brrr. We almost had to put on jackets.


Henry taking a well deserved rest at Lake Ontario.

From there we drove to the State University of New York at Oswego. There we talked with a reference librarian in hopes she could find more information on Dorothy Rogers, the author of Jeopardy and a Jeep and Highways Across the Horizons. The librarian provided some reference material that led to additional biographical information. So, the search is ongoing.

After our library trip, I was hungry. Yet, we managed to drive all the way to Seabreeze, NY, where we found a diner near a park called, not surprisingly, the Parkside Diner. They fixed some good diner food.


Somehow we didn’t get a picture of this place. So, here’s one from Flickr:

The strange part about our experience was that as we waited for the check, Ann and I started to hear some strange sounds from the booth in back of us. It sounded like a little kids TV show that seemed, intellectually, one step above Teletubbies. The sounds were loud enough that the grating voice would have disturbed us if we were still eating.

Fortunately, moments later our bill arrived. We dropped the money on the table. I stood and turned to see what was making the racket. I discovered a couple behind us had placed a phone on a table so they could watch a television show. They seemed completely unaware (or uncaring) that the obnoxious show might disturb anyone else. Ann exited the restaurant asking, “Really? Who does that? Who plays a TV loud enough to disturb other people in a restaurant??”

Just before we left, I took a picture of them. Here is my stealth photo. If you see these two ‘kids’, be aware that they have no awareness for others around them. The red colored photo is propped up against the white container of sugar.


We arrived in Northeast Buffalo soon after our lunch. We napped and then I worked on eWillys. We’ll be here through Saturday driving back and forth between North Tonawanda, NY.

There won’t be any updates on Thursday morning, since tomorrow is my birthday. I’m 48. I don’t quite know how that happened!


18 Comments on “June 4: Seabreeze Diner in Rochester, NY

  1. mom

    I know how you got to be 48. You were born. You survived your parents, school adolescence, women, jeeps and your own kids. As the saying goes, what comes around goes around. Happy birthday.

  2. Joe DeYoung

    Happy 48th (advanced) Birthday Dave!! Oh, they’re so bitter sweet. From one one middle aged man to another, older and wiser is great, but the decaying body is a bummer. 😉

    BTW – On your travels back to the west, you’re welcome to stop at my shop in Madison, WI to check out my Willys collection. I currently have about 15 jeeps, 5 trailers, 2 trucks, 2 empire tractors, and pallet racks full of parts. Also, if you and Ann staying in the area for the evening, you are most certainly welcome to stay at my house.

    Joe DeYoung

  3. Ed Lee

    I know you haven’t learned this yet, but at our age we are allowed to have BIRTHDAY WEEKS. We have earned, not quite sure how but that is what my Father told me years ago, the right to Celebrate our Birthdays for an entire week. So Happy Birthday WEEK.
    Enjoy and continue to CELEBRATE LIFE.

  4. Keith

    If you have time between now and Bantam Fest you might think about seeing if the Walter Miller literature collection is still in the Rochester/Syracuse area.

  5. tom


    in 2 more years you’ll be 50. and then in another 50, you’ll be 100. happy birthday and many more to follow.


  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

    Ed: A birthday week is a good idea. I’ll have to talk Ann in to that one.
    Keith: I’d planned to drop by Walter Miller’s, but at this point it’s financially prudent NOT to do it. I’ll have to stop by on a future trip.
    Joe: I lived in Madison for 2 years (’92-’94) and haven’t been back since. Our plan at this point is take I-80 back, but if we change our mind and take I-90, we’ll definitely drop by! I’ll know more after the Bantam Fest ends.
    TJ: I’ve emailed you.

  7. Joe Friday

    Based on the increased number of documents having Barney Roos’s name, I got the impression that Walter Miller somehow bought the part of Jonh Conde’s collection that didn’t go to the University of Wyoming American Heritage collection.

  8. Colin Peabody


    Happy #48! Enjoy your birthday as much as you can while you can!!! There are some of us out there who have more than 20 years on you and we are finding that those birthday celebrations mostly mean you get to have dinner at 4PM, ice cream at 6PM and bedtime at 8PM , followed by bathroom calls for the rest of the night!!! HAHAHA!

    Seriously, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Our only granddaughter is 10 today also. Your Mom sounds like a hoot!!

  9. Craig B.

    Happy Birthday you kid! This is the time of your life where you make those memories that you’ll one day sit on the the front porch and hear, “There goes Grandpa again with that eWillys vacation story!”

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