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Ted’s Plow Jeeps and some PTO stuff for sale

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Ted wanted to share a picture of his plow jeeps. Having back up plow jeeps is a necessity if you get a lot of snow.

He writes, “Anyone who has ever plowed over two and three feet of snow up and down a long dirt driveway with a flat fender can surely appreciate the beauty of 5:38 gears, military weed and ice chains all around and a ton of weight in back of the jeep.They all break every now and again; that’s why I have back ups, but when there going good they are unstoppable!!! The green 2a has made a lot of big dollar rigs look silly (some of the time). Its short list is original 60 horse flatty w/ supersonic head ,T98 four speed ,overdrive w/adapter and rear PTO wrecker option winch, front warn, rear 44 flanged, power steering, bigger brakes, full cage and so on.The overall crawl ratio is 95 to 1 with the 5:38’s and 1st gear in t98.”


Also, here is a list of PTO items Ted has for sale:

Drum Pulley:
Warn Overdrive:
PTO Shifter:
Truck Bumper:


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