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A CJ-2A Won on a Bet

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Ryan shared this great photo of his father’s CJ-2A. The story of how his father obtained it is funny. Read the story at the bottom of this page.



3 Comments on “A CJ-2A Won on a Bet

  1. Brett

    I have seen this jeep in person a few times and have had their shop do some some work on my wife’s Commander a few times. Great story.
    Great guys down there.
    Ryan, how’s that 3B coming along? It’s been sometime but the 1st time we were down there, you had it in there in the shop and you let me take a look, along with you and your Pop showing me the 2A.

  2. Ryan

    Hey, Bret
    Its nice to hear from you-I hope that you and your wife are well.
    Thanks for the possitive vibs.
    My 3B is in 300 and1 peices. I am now going for the full restoration…Yea, I’m in way over my head.
    The body is off and is being re-built and painted. Tomorrow I pull the engine and start sandblasting the frame and I’m lovin’ every minute of it.
    How is your project comming along?


  3. Brett

    I’m pretty much at the tail end of the my M38 project. I don’t know that there there will ever be a time that I hit that 100% spot, there’s always something I bet I think I need to do.
    I’m going to enter it in the Orem summerfest car show this next Saturday on the 15th, it will be a 1st for me.

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