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Roy’s 1952 M-38

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Look Roy. You made it to the top!

Today at the Bantam Festival I had a chance to meet Roy, who’s a daily reader of eWillys. He found this 1952 M-38 on eWillys and has spent the past year fixing various issues. He assures me it purrs. It sure does look great!

He explained it’s a former Seabee jeep. He said the man he bought it from told him that the green is the proper color for this jeep. If you get a chance to talk to Roy, he can explain the reasoning in depth.


4 Comments on “Roy’s 1952 M-38

  1. Buz

    That’s a sharp looking Jeep, looks a lot more authentic than most you see. Have any more photos of it?

  2. Jessica Rowland

    Hi Dad! Great photo! This past weekend was great! We all had tons on fun, a great way to spend our vacation!

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