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June 16th: Escaping the Rain

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On Saturday evening (June 15th), we went for a ride in Gerald’s CJ-3B. He explained he’d spent lots of time camping at Cooper’s Lake, so he showed us how large the grounds were. We forded a couple streams and rounded the lake while comparing jeeping stories from ‘back in the day’ when we had no gray hair.


Gerald’s driving and his son Will is in the back seat. I’m in the back seat, too. Not the best light for photography, especially with the jeep bouncing.


We spotted this shortened truck while out for our drive.

It was 9pm when we arrived back at our humble camp. Here’s a shot of camp (which I forgot to post last night). We had lots of space and privacy.


Note the eWillys sign hanging from the canopy. We had a lake view and electricity. If we’d only had a fire pit, it would have been a perfect spot.

Not long after we returned, Ann got on her phone and learned that storms were heading our direction. Normally, we wouldn’t mind listening to the rain bounce off the canopy roof above our tent. However, since we still had a week before we’d return home the last thing we wanted was to pack a went canopy and tent in the morning. So, we decided to pack up and head out for Niles, OH. We chose Niles, because it was close to our next museum visit: The Packard Museum.

The Packard museum is based in Warren, Ohio, because that’s where the first Packards were produced. in 1903 they were moved to Detroit. Normally open at noon, the museum didn’t open until 1pm on Sunday.

One of the people at the museum explained its history to me. The museum was started by a man (who’s name slipped into and right out of my memory) in town would couldn’t fit his Packard into a place he owned in Warren. He was a friend of the mayor’s, who managed to find a run down building in 1990 and arranged to have it leased to the man for $1 for 40 years. That’s not a bad price! The man was able to fix up the place on the cheap, but it was more of a storage space than a museum space. Then, in 1999, the Packard Automobile Club descended upon the space to celebrate the 100th year of the Packard. A great party took place for a week. By the time the revelers left, 5 more Packards filled the building. So, steps were taken to turn the space into a formal museum.

Here are some pictures from the museum:


The outside of the Packard Museum.





I never expected to see a couple Austin Cars.


A wire braider. We learned that from our trip to the Vintage Wiring of Maine shop.


A couple of Packard’s late concept cars.


Hmm … I don’t think Ann is looking at the pretty cars.

Tomorrow, we plan to drop by the Natmus, the Auburn/Cord/Duesenburg museum, eat lunch with Steve in Warsaw, then stop at the Studebaker museum. I think it’s gonna be a GOOD day!


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  1. Bob

    you guys are going to love the Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg museum and Natmus, both are very cool.

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