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Photos of a MT-Tug 6×6

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These photos were taken at a military show by Joe. He notes, “I photographed this TUG at the Gilbert, PA military vehicle rally some years ago.  This model is especially significant to me since I first experienced a TUG first-hand at a Boy Scout Camp in the 1950’s when tasked with a work detail to ‘Spring Clean’ the area around and under the camp Mess Hall.  Unbeknownst to us, the oversized crawl space under the building also happened to be the designated storage area for the camp jeep…..  you guessed it, a Willys 6×6 known as an MT-TUG.  It was complete with serial numbers, stars, data plates and other markings. As mere kids, we were fascinated with the 6-wheel jeep and spent the time pretending to drive the beast instead of actually cleaning the space as assigned.  Lucky for us the 6 volt battery was dead.  And, so began, at an early age, a life-long interest in jeeps, especially the olive-drab kind.  It was also common knowledge within the camp that this jeep was experimental and one of only 15 built. (This fact was verified in books and articles on the MT-TUG published some 50 years later.) Anyway, the camp leaders also knew they had a rare vehicle on their hands and the scuttlebutt was that the jeep was going back to the manufacturer in even trade for a NEW Willys CJ5.  I moved on from scouting after that and still don’t know if that deal ever came to fruition.”




















12 Comments on “Photos of a MT-Tug 6×6

  1. Joe Sicenavage

    Here’s the manufacturers specifications for the MT-TUG that I found while researching this awesome vehicle:

    Built in 1943
    ¾ Ton Capacity
    Std. Willys L – Head Engine
    55 mph max. speed
    600 – 16 tire size
    170.5” length
    63” width
    56” height
    8.75” ground clearance
    18” fording depth
    45’ turning radius
    110” wheelbase
    300 miles cruising range
    Transmission – Warner Model T84J
    Transfer – Spicer Model 186
    Front axle – Spicer Model 25
    Rear axles (2) – Spicer Model 23
    Steering Wheel:
    – adjustable height
    – can be collapsed for shipment
    15 MT-TUG’s built under April 1943 contract
    Vehicle never went into full production

    The vehicle shown here was surplused by the War Assets Administration at a Dayton, OH Spot Sale on 12-4-1947 for $422.99.

  2. Leo

    That is rare as Hens teeth, even rarer than an AgriJeep, who owns it, where is it now, is it in a museum ??
    Oh and i like the “Fat Man” steering wheel, didn’t know they came with one.

  3. Lang Kidby

    I would like to send your article to the Military Jeep club of Queensland, Australia for their magazine – with credit to you of course.

    May we have permission please.


    Lang Kidby

  4. David Eilers

    Hi Lang,

    I may be speaking out of turn, but I’m sure Joe Sicenavage would not mind the use of these images and his report for the magazine. Please give him credit (no need to give credit to me). If you have any other questions, feel free to email me directly at

    Good luck with the article!

    – Dave
    David Eilers

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