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June 20th: Meeting Karson’s Team


As fate would have it, today we had an opportunity to have a brief meetup with Karson and his FEMACorp team as they headed east and we headed west on I-80.  I made sure he got a copy of the new book, too. I know it looks like he is taller than me, but I’m pretty sure that’s an optical illusion.



2 Comments on “June 20th: Meeting Karson’s Team

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Nice group photo, Dave, but don’t be in denial about your son’s height. My youngest son is 3 inches taller than me, and he’s quite happy to tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s the tallest one in his family.

  2. tom gallagher

    yes dave, steve is right. he might not be quite as tall yet but be careful, he’ll be able to kick your tail in a few more years. like as a friend told me – he can only keep up with his son for about 5 minutes till he gets tired.

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