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June 21: Trip is at an end after 10043 Miles

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We made it home after driving 10,043 miles through 27 states. Time to rest. I’ll summarize the trip tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so special!


7 Comments on “June 21: Trip is at an end after 10043 Miles

  1. mom

    Amen to the back home safe and sound. That did come as a bit of a surprise as even mom had no idea you were so close to home. Lots of good memories!!

  2. Steve E.

    What!, home so soon? (lol)

    We really enjoyed following your Willys adventure online. Instead of wanting more, we will take a break with you and retrace your adventure on e-Willys. Thanks for including chasing Willys and meeting their owners, when the main purpose of the trip had nothing to do with the history of transportation.

    You are now the greatest ambassador for Willys and Jeeps since the retirement of the last Willys salesman.

    **Steve E.**

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    The jeep smells better than our clothes . . lol . . . but we are tackling that problem. The biggest problem was the weeds in Ann’s garden that had grown quite high!. She was working on that most of the day.

    As time went on and I realized how many people were following the trip, we tried to do a better job of documenting our journey.

    For all we saw, there is so much more to see and people to meet. There’s plenty left for a second trip . . . the timing of which is TBD.

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