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1973 CJ-6 Derby, KS **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900

I don’t remember any CJ-6s with flat rear fenderwells like that.

“1973 Jeep CJ-6.
Theses are very rare due to the longer wheelbase (104″) making it a lot more stable. The jeep runs and drives good. New brakes, new battery and the front seats rebuilt. Drive it as is or rebuild it”

1973-cj6-derby-ks1 1973-cj6-derby-ks2


4 Comments on “1973 CJ-6 Derby, KS **SOLD**

  1. Ian

    I just read something the other day about that being done to lower the fenderwells so the troop seats had more headroom. I think they said it was a miitary change.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks. I knew some of the brazilian models had those, but didn’t know the later models in the US were flat as well.

  3. jimmy

    There not.the ones with the flat spot on the back fenderwells were made by volkswagon for civilian south America .there not american at all and were probably imported at sometime

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