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1942 GPW Berwyn, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: This sold for $7500.

“1943 Jeep gpw for sale. need to get rid of it.”

1942-gpw-berwyn-il1 1942-gpw-berwyn-il2 1942-gpw-berwyn-il3 1942-gpw-berwyn-il4


7 Comments on “1942 GPW Berwyn, IL **SOLD**

  1. Lester Senn

    Believe this is a MB based on round front crossmember visible through grille opening. Doubt year is 42 as it has the late war spare tire two bolt mount with the tire support rest at the bottom of the spare,Could be 42 as IMHO looks like a older restoration with possible mix of early& late parts.Also front bumper is upside down,the hand crank hole should be to the bottom of the bumper not the top.The bumper is MB style,a GPW bumper has two extra small holes,one each in line with the frame rails.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks for some great observations (esp. about the rear tire mount). This is why I’m “addicted” to this site… cool jeeps and I learn something new everyday!
    I wonder what price this will sell for.

  3. Lester Senn

    Steve,that canvas on the hood was part of the late war issued winterization kit.It helped to keep engine heat in the engine compartment overnight to help starting in cold climates.It is a very rare to find accessory.

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