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Stretched Scrambler(?) Hunting Jeep Crosby, TX $15,000

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How about this unusual jeep?

“Selling this Custom Hunting Jeep. It is a must see and runs great. Has a Winch and a feeder, and a raised platform, for hunting from the jeep. lot of work was put into this Jeep and works great on the Dear lease. Call Luke at (713)805-1154, and make a good offer. Need to sell. thanks for looking”

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4 Comments on “Stretched Scrambler(?) Hunting Jeep Crosby, TX $15,000


    I’d like to ask a question:

    Besides hiding some form of damage or rust, why is it the bed liner/polyurethane coating is so popular to coat the outer surfaces with ?

  2. pascal

    I like the top cage! Wonder what they are hunting.

    And they don’t go in the same trail as me while hunting for sure.

    Look like a limo to hunt some chicks.

    It’s unusual for sure.

  3. Blaine

    You can always tell a Texas Jeep by the Mother-in-law seat in the back. Hmm… this one makes her stand up.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Blaine .. I think this seat makes it look like the mother-in-law is in jail!

    Marc .. I have no idea. It would be a pain to wash on the outside.

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