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1962 FC-170 Novato, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay

“This is a Jeep 1 ton truck. It is running and driving with a flatbed frame. I have too many projects and no time, so I must get rid of this one. My loss is your gain. 226 Super Hurricane inline 6 cyl, T-98 4 speed transmission, Dana 18 transfer case. There is no rust on this truck so it is ready for a restoration or modification as you see fit.”


9 Comments on “1962 FC-170 Novato, CA **SOLD**

  1. Gordon west

    I don’t think it is a DRW, the hubs are five bolt. Believe DRW are six. I will try and remember to look tomorrow.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks guys .. the seller called this a SRW in the title of his ad and I figured he meant DRW, but I didn’t know some of the details of FCs like you do.

  3. Steve E.

    I suppose he calls it a one Ton because it has overload springs, even though it has five lug wheels and not the usual six lug wheels with bigger brakes found on rare DRW’s. I’ve seen a few FC-170 Single Rear Wheel trucks labeled as a 1 Ton. One of mine is labeled that way on a government brass nomenclature plate.

    I’ve seen this truck in person. It has a modified transmission shifting rod, and it shifts nicely. The cab is as nice as the photos indicate. It has the least bit of surface rust that I’ve seen on an original FC, which are usually stored outdoors. It’s a great rust-free California truck.

    **Steve E.**

  4. txtom

    Steve E.

    I bought the engine/trnas/tcase from this truck. Did you by chance check them out? What is different about the shift setup?


  5. Steve E.

    Hey Tom,
    That shifting mechanism is a nice modification. It has a universal joint to help pivot the shaft into the shifting dogs. (if that’s what you call Willys’ unique mechanism.) I had not driven this FC because the owner was not around. But I did sit in it and move the shift lever. It shifted very smoothly. I wanted it for that reason, but the owner wanted too much for it, about the same amount as I have into all my FC’s. So, I told him I’d help advertise it, and I did.

    I stopped by one day to see the trucks again when I was in that town 70 miles away from me, and a tow company just happened to have them loaded on a rollback and a trailer, hauling them off to the owner’s new home over a hundred miles away. I didn’t understand that because it would have been easier to sell them from there. That must have been an expensive tow. Then it was on E-bay, and now you told the next chapter of the truck’s story.

    Why didn’t you buy the whole truck? Was the engine already out? It was is great shape, with the exception of the driver’s door, which could be repaired or replaced. The interior was fairly clean, too. What happened to the second FC-170?

    Do you know anything about the engine? Is it in good shape? Do you know what happened to the body? I might be interested.

    I took photos of how it was installed if you’re interested.

    **Steve E.**

  6. txtom

    Hey Steve-

    My friend bought the whole truck and had it shipped to Texas from CA. He wanted the cab/frame. He is building a custom truck based on those two items. He is using an LS1 drivetrain and f250 axles. I bought all of the original FC parts that he is not using. Please send me your pictures. I can use them to verify that I got all of the shifter parts and how to reinstall them. I don’t have an FC yet, but I am going to look at several over Thanksgiving. I bought the takeoff parts mostly for the T98 and shifter. I spoke with Mike the previous owner and he said that the engine ran well. When he bought the truck a few years ago it wasn’t running. With minimal effort he got it running again. He said it needed new main seals and tappet cover seals. He thought they probably dried out from sitting around. Please send your pictures when you get a chance.

  7. W. T. Brian

    I had been following this truck, and really wanted it. When I finally had the wherewithal to buy it, I couldn’t find out anything about it. By the time it was re-listed on e-bay, I had already purchased another FC-170, and knew the wife would flip if I got another one.

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