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1955 M-170 Sloans Lake, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was priced at $3850.





“1955 Jeep M170, post-Korean war vintage, was in service as an ambulance Jeep. Now it is like a CJ 6. Previous owner “bubbified” this jeep, so much of the specific M170 details were not included.
Jeep has original 5:38 axles, original suspension including rear sway bar.
I believe the transfer case & transmission may be a transplant, as the engine is the Jeep V6, great engine, but non-stock. Bell housing is clearly transplant for the V6. Rest of driveline is original & in good shape. Has 3-sp tranny. Transfer case appears to be Dana 18 twin stick. All seem to work fine.
V6 engine is in excellent shape, runs perfectly, no issues at all, original carb, oil-bath air cleaner, distributor.
Body condition is excellent, only very minor surface corrosion seen anywhere, including all the hidden & storage places, no rusted areas at all. The body condition must be seen to be believed.
Brakes appear to be recently serviced, the parts are not rusted or frozen. Brakes have been bled and work fine.
All lights, blinkers, stop, wipers, heater, all work fine – even BU light works! I attempted to retain the original wiring and labeling as possible, but needed to fix the “bubbified” electrical.
Gauges have been replaced with non-military, but similar. Speedo is NOS, however the cable needs to be replaced. All gauges (except speedo) work as expected.
Suspension appears to be original & in good shape, has zerk fittings everywhere for lubrication.
Emergency brake works and has reworked original bracket & parts. The previous owner had hacked this up.
Includes recent complete CJ6 softtop with doors. All parts in great shape.
New NOS type windshield & gasket, New NOS style cowl gasket
Non-original heater installed, but does have working defrost & heat.
NOS style seat brackets, but retrofitted non-original seats. Have not found original style M170 seats
Jeep starts & stops nicely, runs well, gas tank is excellent shape, everything works.

Much of the specific M170 stuff is missing — Spare tire bracket, front stretcher bracket, rear stretcher bracket, seats, serial & name plates, front military lights & rear military lights , M170 specific top parts & canvas top.
Non-original engine, non-original tailgate, non-original wheels & tires.
Rear lights are not really original but have separate stop — turn- and tail sections, which all work.
Bubba decided to weld in an extension panel, so this Jeep is more like a CJ6. This could be removed without too much effort.
Bubba drilled holes for mounting a roll bar — these need to be welded or braised.
24 V electrical is missing, been converted to 12V. Also, the battery box was removed to make room for a heater. The cover is still intact.
Military function switch is present but not functional.
Engine swap was not well done, I have fixed what I can without separating the body from frame. It is functional, and any original parts have been saved.
Steering has play, has not been “freshened”. Steering wheel original but cracked.
Previous owner repainted the Jeep, but was a quick & less than thorough job.

This would be a great Jeep to rework. If one wished to restore, the body condition is outstanding, but many parts may be hard to find. For a modified jeep with a V6, this would be great.
Front & rear narrow axles: Dana 25 front, 3:73 11″ brakes, closed knuckle, Dana 44 rear, 3:73. Nice combo with the V6, if one goes non-stock.
Extra parts, fasteners, etc. anything NOS style or military style, I kept. Steering bushings and rework parts included.
Jeep has clear title, and has not been registered since I bought it. This means an extra $100 or so fee when it is registered.
I would love to do a body-off rework on this Jeep, the overall condition is truly outstanding, but that is for the next owner. The fully boxed military frame would make it great off-road. You won’t be disappointed!”


2 Comments on “1955 M-170 Sloans Lake, CO **SOLD**

  1. Bob Toth

    This looks very much like the jeep that I built a few years back. Is the entire floor painted black with the same type material as a pickup truck spray in bed liner? I also installed two batteries,one of which was for the winch I still have. I’ve been looking for her for a long time now, with the hope of buying it back. Would love to know. Thanks for your time, Bob

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Bob,

    This was listed on Craigslist in 2013. It looks like it sold pretty quickly. I don’t have any contact info for the buyer, but I do have a phone number of the seller (I have deleted the seller’s p# off the page, but can retrieve it if need be).

    Feel free to reply within the comments or email me at

    – Dave

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