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Photo of 1942 Guatemala Parade on eBay

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Neat photo.

“You are bidding on an original 7 X 9 Press Photo of Guatemala Sixth Avenue March Jeeps Soldiers US Army Mexico. Photo is dated 1942.”

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4 Comments on “Photo of 1942 Guatemala Parade on eBay

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Zack, it depends on how you define birthday. The first jeep, the Bantam BRC, officially hit the road on Sept 23, 1940, and was delivered to the Army just before 5pm that day.

    – Dave

  2. Zack

    I ment after the Bantam BRC’s, The Willys and Ford production model on August 1st 1941.
    I separate the Bantam model from the Willys and Ford, sorry I should have been clearer. 🙂

    Thanks Dave!

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    No problem Zack. It’s just my pet peeve that Jeep kind of ignores the Bantam History in favor of the birth of the jeep in 1941. But, if that’s the worst thing I have to fret over, then life’s good 🙂

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