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**SCAM** 1947 CJ-2A

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UPDATE: Now listed in Nashville, TN

This scam is back. It was around last summer if I remember correctly.



13 Comments on “**SCAM** 1947 CJ-2A


    Hi Dave

    I’m curious, how come this is scam, besides the price. Before my time on your site.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    That’s a good point, Marc.

    This was listed in a variety of geographical places with the same price, text, and photos. I tried to get it myself when I first saw it thinking it might be a steal.

    Another reason . . . The jeep is supposed to be in Reno, yet is listed in Las Vegas. Finally, I can’t think of a place in Nevada with grass and trees like that. Nevada is very dry and mostly desert.

  3. Dj Bill

    Actually round bales are also popular in the Midwest, see in in KS, NE, ND, SD, all the time.

    Can anyone tell where that license plate is from? It appears green and white to me but I can’t read the state..

  4. Joshua Galyean

    I think last year it was in MN, and maybe WA. It gets around! Lol. For sure a SCAM

  5. DanB

    It’s back for sale in MN again.
    I do believe it has MN plates on it, so it may actually be in MN.
    Is someone just playing games? I don’t see how they’d scam money off of people on this as it states in the ad that they only will take cash and they will not ship.
    Nice looking jeep, hope someone eventually ends up with it.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    I don’t know how the scam works either. I’ve not talked with anyone who’s been able to get a hold of the seller. I’ve tried, both through eWillys and a non-ewillys account, without the success.

    – Dave

  7. Dan B.

    Hello from another Dan B,

    Yeah, what’s the point of a scam if you’re not scamming…? Guess I’m not wired that way. It’s too easy just to save pics from the internet and the advertise as if it’s your own…


  8. Buz

    Ooops, it’s been deleted again. How long will it take to resurface and where will it be next time ??

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