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Palomino Mower Jeep in Rushville, IN


Bob and his wife spotted this rare Palomino Mower on Friday at the Pioneer Engineer’s Reunion.



6 Comments on “Palomino Mower Jeep in Rushville, IN

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Russ,

    I don’t believe that one is for sale, but they do pop up for sale every once in a while.

    – Dave

  2. Mike Stokes

    I have a body hood grill wheels with a simplicity sunstar mower frame to go under the tub. model 1200 serial 1273. Possibly for sale let me know 309-696-2763 central Illinois sheet metal great shape no rust

  3. steve miller

    Do you still have the palomino body I am in Freeport Illinois would love to restore one for my grandkids steve miller

  4. Michael Stokes

    Sorry Steve Sold several years ago. There is a club in Pontiac Illinois, that is where they were manufactured. The company that made them were Roof manufacturing. I saw some for sale at the Threshermans Reunion this fall in Pontiac. Don’t know if this helps but hope so. They are bringing a lot of money tho.

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