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1955 Truck from Photobucket

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Buz spotted some photos on Photobucket of a Willys Truck. He thought it might have been a fire truck. I can’t tell for sure. Anyone else think so?

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5 Comments on “1955 Truck from Photobucket

  1. Robert Anderson

    Having been on a fire department some time back, I agree with you..
    Looks like an old “Brush Truck”..
    No pump, but back then the fireman carried tanks on their backs with sprayers similar to the old fire extinguishers, but larger, as well as “Flappers” which were kinda like a big broom, but instead of the sweeper on the end it had a large flat thin square piece of rubber..and you would just slap the ground or grass where the fire was burning and it would put the fire out…
    Cool old Willys fershure !!

  2. Colin Peabody

    The model number 55168 and the serial number 20543, show this to have been a 1960 truck with cab only (55168 was a cab only chassis) and the serial numbers began with 19578 through 23199 for that model. The rear body appears to be an aftermarket fire truck type body. The red and green paint showing looks like it might have been Forest Service Green at some point, but the paint under the hood looks to be red, which to me indicates it may have been painted red originally and then painted green later. There doesn’t appear to be a US Gov’t plate on the dash, so maybe it was owned by a state Forestry department. It does have the large speedometer with the later style numbers from the late 50s and the large back window and only the center grille bar, which is also late 50s, early 60s.

  3. Jim Fairweather

    The front fender extensions are typical of Howe Fire Apparatus conversions. I appears that the lower half of the center horizontal grill bar is removed, indicating it had a front mount Barton fire pump, later removed.

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