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1962 DJ-3A Surrey Ohio $9500

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(12/01/2012) “This is a 1962 Willy’s Jeep Surrey Gala with 26,127 miles. It has been in our family for 30 years. We used the Jeep in parades only to advertise our business. Price $9,500.00. Only 1100 ever made. They came in Blue, Pink and Green. This jeep was refurbished from pink to red prior to us aquiring it. Serious collectors only please! I also am willing to sell the trailer that it sits on for an additional $1,000. It is a full size car hauler. Please call Jim Cira at 419-722-8801.”


9 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Surrey Ohio $9500

  1. Bill

    I went to see this one in January. It’s all there and in decent (but ugly red) condition. The floors have minimal holes and are actually in pretty nice shape. I did not hear it run, it was dark, raining/snowing and it was covered up on that trailer. Someone even replicated the striped top in red/white which I thought was strange. I guess they didn’t like pink.

    I told the owner what I thought it was actually worth, but he wasn’t willing to accept reality. Maybe he lost my number 😉

  2. DJ BIll

    There is no question it is overpriced. However all it needs is upholstery, paint, tires,and chrome to be of the caliber of jeeps that sold at Barrett Jackson for around what he is asking……..So, what does paint, upholstery,tires, and chrome cost? Hmmmmmm. At retail, probably almost half of the selling price. Gonna be a tough sell at the current price to any US customer. Exchange rates might make it attractive to overseas folks with money to spend.

    Interesting diamond plate step.

  3. DJ BIll

    Well, reality is starting to set in…The previous $22K price is now at $14K on Ebay and no bids. This seller has not started the jeep in 6 years according to the ad.Who knows what sort of problems may be lurking now. Leaving it on the trailer is also a bad way to sell a car for that kind of money…..

    If he really does want to sell he needs to detail it out nicely and get it running, and show a video on Ebay of it driving around. I am afraid our current economy is bad enough the only ones interested at the current pricing are folks from Europe where exchange rates make it more attractive…..Perhaps a few years ago it might have done well….but in our current “recession is over, yeah right!” economy it will be a tough sell……

  4. Bill

    When I saw this Jeep back in January, I told the guy its value was $5k as it sat. He could not tell me what he wanted for it, but he had it advertised for $20-something since an appraiser told him it was worth that much. His mother’s estate valued the Jeep, and he basically “paid” for it at that appraised value (over taking cash or other property).

    It is complete, and pretty well kept, however to make this a $35,000 B-J auction fluke, you still have to spend $30,000 to make it nice. Paint and chrome wont fool anybody, it needs rebuilt as it is old and not functioning. And as I told the owner, a few little holes in the floor is the same thing as complete swiss-cheese floors cause you still have to replace them.

  5. Dj Bill

    These appraisers who get a value for a vehicle like that by looking at recent sales without actually comparing the vehicle need to have their licenses pulled. An appraiser is supposed to be an expert at coming up with a value for something, and when they compare apples and oranges without knowing it, the estate actually might have a bone to pick in court with them for a bogus appraisal.

    My understanding of the BJ auctions was non celebrity Surreys bring around 20K in road ready, show ready condition. Celebrity ones go for more but this one has no clebrity connection at all. To restore this correctly would take most, if not all, of the Barrett Jackson sale price. To spruce it up would take less.

    Bill , you and I are thinking alike on the value of this jeep, and you had the advantage of seeing it in person. Do you think it would start and run fairly easily or do you think it has been stored too long and probably will need rebuilds of everything mechanical??

    To commercially restore this in a shop at todays labor rates will be expensive. A bud of mine regularly has running bills of 20K or more on old Chevy pickup trucks….

    Agreed about the pinholed floors. Too many people try and repair by fixing small sections when a new floor is the way to go.

  6. deilers

    I have wondered myself about some of the ‘professional’ appraisals that some sellers claim to have received. They seem to be complete nonsense.

  7. Buz

    Back in March Dave wrote:”I have wondered myself about some of the ‘professional’ appraisals that some sellers claim to have received. They seem to be complete nonsense.”

    I think the same thing applies to some “house appraisers” and “home inspectors” too. Say anything to collect a fee seems to be their motto, (and I have found that their work is totally bogus).

  8. Colin Peabody

    I had several conversations with the seller back in 2012 and we discussed price and I told him then it wasn’t worth what he was asking. Even at $9500 now, it is over priced. It would still take another $20,000 to make a great looking driver out of it. Just the material alone for a Surrey is big bucks from SMS in Oregon.

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