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1974 IKA 2WD CJ-6 **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: This was on eBay last year. **Status Unknown.

(11/24/2013) This Industrias Kaiser Argentina CJ-6 is the first I’ve found for sale. The seller’s wife brought this from Argentina. According to the CJ-3B Page, about 600 of these came with diesel engines.

“This is a rare specimine of a 1971 Kaiser Jeep CJ6 that has been garage kept for many years. My wife brought it to the US from Argentina where it was maintained to the last degree by a master mechanic. The body has absolutely 0% rust. That may be hard to believe but it is truly the case. It was originally a Dual Fuel Natural Gas primary with Gasoline Reserve tank vehicle but the EPA forced my wife to remove the NG tanks. I have no idea why in this day and age of alternative fuels the EPA would make her do this but they did. The tanks re-installed if you can find them in the market. The EPA forced her to leave the tanks behind. We are both self employed and have very little time to work with it but as I understand it, here is what it will require to get it running: Rebuild the carb, Probably a new battery, and it will need a new Hydraulic clutch & mastercylinder. Otherwise, it should be good to go. As you can see from the pictures, it is in amazing condition cosmetically. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. This “Fix-er-Upper” wont take too much “Fixin’-Up” to be an awesome collector for someone.”


5 Comments on “1974 IKA 2WD CJ-6 **Status Unknown**

  1. Buz

    It doesn’t run, no fuel tank, the brakes don’t work, the clutch doesn’t work, no battery. What a deal for only $14,500. Interesting though with the Ford engine. As usual all vehicles are worth more in North and South Carolina than anywhere else in the country.

  2. Buz

    I imagine that it’s going to sit there a long long time looking pretty as a new penny. It’s at a public storage facility, maybe one day it will be on Storage Wars !

  3. frankthecrank58

    Dave; you’d posted an article on these back on July 16, 2010. was looking for something else and saw it

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Frank, you are getting better at knowing what I have then I do. I’m working on a major overhaul so we all can more easily find info (I hope)!


    – Dave

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