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Year of the Jeep by Keith Robertson **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Here’s a version that starts at $19.99 on eBay (ends Friday 10am PST)

The story is straightforward:  “By taking gardening jobs, catching bats and thieves, diving for bricks in a swimming pool, and inciting the interest of some helpful friends, a young boy makes his daydream of owning a jeep come true.”

For comparison, here is the hardback cover:

Here is another softback cover:


16 Comments on “Year of the Jeep by Keith Robertson **SOLD**

  1. gordon west

    Somebody gave me the book for Christmas when it first came out. I believe it brought a tear to my eye, though I don’t remember much about the storyline. I do remember it as a good book.

  2. Rich Tomich

    I have two copies. One is in paperback form titled simply “The Jeep” by Keith Robertson with an olive-drab MB in the illustration on the cover. The other is a hardback titled “The Year of the Jeep” and the cover illustration shows what looks like a orange-tan M38A1. On both covers the illustration shows two boys (one working and the other observing), but the observer is in different postions in all (three) of them.

  3. Rich Tomich

    For clarification: On the hardback I have with the M38A1 on the cover the illustration is a colored drawing, vice the photo-like illustration on the cover of the one on eBay. The content of both books that I have contain the same wording, but with added illustrations in the hardback. There are no illustrations inside the paperback version.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks RIch. I just missed out on the paperback on eBay, but I think I’ll look for the hardback.

    – Dave

  5. Ed Lee

    Got two copies of this book also. Received one back in the 70’s and gave my son a copy when he got his first CJ-5 in 05. Was required reading on his part and has become required reading on my daughter’s part as she is now a proud owner of a driver’s permit. ‘Cloud Shelby’ and his quest for a jeep. Great book to read on a rainy day when everything else can be put off for a couple of hours.

  6. Bob

    I think it’s kind of funny they changed the jeep on the cover. If I remember right it was a flatfender of some sort.

  7. willy s. wagon

    Wow, I got my most recent copy.( I have 2) 72′ first printing for .10 in a used book store in south Denver. Cover is a little rough, but looks to be in much better condition than the one in the auction.

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    I’ve seen this book for twice this amount and more. I like the .10 price a lot! Maybe there’s some more good used books at that Denver store also 🙂

  9. SMc

    Got this paperback book back in the late ’60s through the book club at my elementary school. The paperback pic looks to be an MB/GPW which would be correct since the intro mentions that it is “ancient” at twenty odd years old and the paperback version was released in 1968 meaning the hardcover would have been older. Wish I had kept it.

  10. willy s. wagon

    Yeah Dave, Absolutely the best investment I ever made percentage wise. I started dancing around the book store when I saw it.

  11. Mark Palmer

    I remember seeing this book sit on a shelf in my fifth grade classroom for most of the school year untouched, that in the days of youth when kids didn’t want to voluntarily read. I picked it up and started reading it, and couldn’t put it down. Funniest part is as an adult, I drive Jeeps, and I think tis book had something to do with it.

  12. Craig B.

    My buddy Steve just gave me his copy that he bought from the Scholastic book fair that was held at his elementry school. Back in the day the book fair was a real big deal in my memories. Glad to hear that thought was not only mine!

  13. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, now you’ve done it. You have now forced me to look through all the kid books at yard sales and flea markets for this one.

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